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For One Miracle, excellence, is not an act, but a habit !

One Miracle is a multigaming professional eSport organization. Soon active on most competitive games, Mobile and PC, One Miracle aims to position itself among one of the most important pioneers of European eSport.

With a well-organized management team that combines availability and careful listening, we place the players in the center of our project by giving them a solid and regulated framework that is conducive to fulfillment and success. Under our banner, our teams already participate in most of major eSport events (online and offline) thanks to the material and logistical support provided by One Miracle.

One of the objective of our teams being to create a strong link with the whole community, they share their passion and expertise through streaming, guides and personalized coaching sessions.

One Miracle eSport is a 1901 Law Association (French official organization) with a legal status allowing to make a human and robust link between our players and the digital world. We aim to be considered as a standard sports club. With the help of an attentive, professional and benevolent team, we want to embody the eSport of tomorrow and create an environment of trust with the players, ensuring the well-being of everyone.

In addition to success on the international competitive scene, One Miracle also aims to participate in the development and democratization of eSports in Europe by working in permanent partnership with all entities both from the world of electronic sports and from the traditional civil society.

In continuous development, we are always looking for new talents to strengthen our teams, position ourselves on new games or develop our association.
If you are passionate, talented and motivated, you can contact us and try to join the adventure.